Shantivan-Rural project at Panvel, Mumbai

csrVolunteers from Standard Chartered, India took up a rural project as part of its community social responsibility programme and visited Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti at Shantivan, Panvel-Nere, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra on 13th Nov. 2010 and did social work connected with farming and harvesting. The team’s enthusiastic social efforts brought smiles on many farmers in Shantivan. “Goodness has no boundaries”. The social responsibility initiative was jointly co-ordinated by Indian Development Foundation, a leading national NGO committed for health, education and rural development.


Team of 75 people from various functions visited Shantivan at Panvel and were successful in bringing smiles on the faces of leprosy cured patients and helping the local farmers in rice paddy harvesting. Standard Chartered had tied up with India Development Foundation (IDF) for this rural initiative. The team reached the site at 9.00 a.m in the morning followed by light breakfast and introduction about Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti. Around 10 a.m people were divided into three teams and each of them headed to handle different tasks. Team A went on the field for cutting the paddy harvest and stacking them up followed by paddy thrashing process to separate out rice paddy from its leaves. Team B helped in the drying process of cattle fodder. The team was able to arrange fodder for drying in six different fields. Team C went on to the ‘Gadhi’ river and created a stone bridge which would be useful for villagers/locals to cross over. This bridge will also act as a bund for water stacking.

csr2All the teams assembled back at 12.30 p.m for lunch. The post lunch session was followed by visit to leprosy patient homes who have been cured and rehabilitated. The team interacted with the inmates and it was an emotional affair. This was then followed by a visit to the small scale industry run by the rehabilitated patients within the premises. As a good gesture, the team bought some cotton bags and carpets weaved by them. The programme ended by 3.30 p.m and all of them were gratified with the support they were able to lend to the people at Shantivan and we had experienced an equal reciprocal feeling of warmness from the inmates of Shantivan.

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  1. Milind Hande Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I had visited Shantivan during my school days, somewhere 20 years Ago. I want to help to Shantivan in terms of Machinery / Instrument, which can be useful to local patients/ people.

    Kindly revert with requirement.

    My Contact# is 9167575868 / 9702159123.


    Milind Hande

  2. Pratik Shah Says:

    Hi Milind

    thanks for the nice gesture. I will connect you to the concerned NGO so that we can make a meaningful contribution to the society. I have your coordinates and will contact you in few days for the same.

  3. Prashant Salave Says:

    Dear sir,
    I am Prashant salave.I have completed MSW with dictinction.I am now Field investigator at Yashada, of TSP project,I have knowledge about PRA and I am trainner also PRA. if you give me a change to ur ngo i will hardly work at ur project.
    plz inform me about job.

    Thank you sir

    Prashant Salave

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