Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)- no longer charity

December 20th, 2013Posted by Pratik Shah

CSR is no longer linked to charity. Coined in 1953 it started as a socialistic movement synonymous to charity¬†and in 1984 Peter Drucker wrote more about CSR and the importance of CSR emerged in the early 90’s. In today’s era, there is a paradigm shift from just doing charity or corporate philanthropy to large scale [...]

I am back

December 7th, 2013Posted by Pratik Shah

Calico museum- an ancient collection of textiles

March 27th, 2012Posted by Pratik Shah

Mobile number portability- How to go about it

March 18th, 2011Posted by Pratik Shah

Coverage on the Shantivan Project

March 6th, 2011Posted by Pratik Shah

Relief From Headache In Natural Ways…

February 18th, 2011Posted by Pratik Shah

Shantivan-Rural project at Panvel, Mumbai

November 18th, 2010Posted by Pratik Shah

Ganapati Celebrations along with community service

October 15th, 2010Posted by Pratik Shah

Invest in Gold- a safe investment

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June 28th, 2010Posted by Pratik Shah